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Web apps

We have developed the following web apps, which are used for education and research.

  • Fieldwork Online, fwo.geo.uu.nl is an online environment for uploading, sharing, and archiving data collected in the field. The web application allows students in a fieldwork project to share data, photographs and files in an online GIS environment. Supervisors can remotely keep track of their progress and provide georeferenced feedback and comments on the map of the fieldwork data. (Demo username and password: EGU2016/Vienna2016)
  • Global Environmental Modelling System (GEMS) gems.geo.uu.nl is a web application which lets users interactively run simulation models in a web browser. These environmental models (for example an erosion model) can help students understand natural processes occurring in their study area. A quick modelling assessment is useful in combination with fieldwork as it can be used to guide fieldwork activities (i.e. better input data is needed in a particular area) but it can also highlight the differences and inconsistencies between a model and observations obtained during a fieldwork practical. (Demo username and password: demo/demo)