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  • W.A. Marra, Alberti & D. Karssenberg (2017) ‘Gebruik van GIS verrijkt eerstejaars veldwerk’ in: Geografie 2, 2017 (view)


  • EGU 2017: PICO Presentation ‘Autonomous excursions using tablets and smartphones’ view online
  • EGU 2016: Presentation ‘Improving fieldwork with GIS’ download presentation.
  • EGU 2016: Poster ‘Fieldwork online GIS-based electronic learning environment for supervising fieldwork’ download poster.
  • De Onderwijsdagen 2015: Demonstration on the use of Google Glass for fieldmaps.
  • EGU 2015: Presentation ‘Enhanced fieldwork learning using blended learning, GIS, and remote supervision’.