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Interview over gebruik tablets voor excursies

We zijn geïnterviewd door het vakblad De Link over het gebruik van tablets voor excursies en veldwerk. Dit in het kader van ons project ‘Naar Buiten’. De Link is een vakblad…

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Slides workshop 9 mei

(Dutch Only) De slides van de workhop / demo van 9 mei. Deze slides gaan met name over de excursie Geologie van Nederland. Voor de demonstratie van de apps en…

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Paper on the use of GIS during fieldwork

Our paper on the use of GIS-methods for improving the fieldwork in France has been published in the Journal of Geography in Higher Education. The paper explains our approach and…

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Project overview

We gave an overview of our project on using tablets and e-learning for fieldwork and excursions in a lunch-presentation. Let's go outside – project overview (18 okt) from Wouter Marra

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Screencasts QGIS

For our first-year field course, we developed a series of screencasts to support students working with QGIS during their four-week fieldwork in the French Alps. With the use of these…

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Open and online education for excursions

Our project ‘Naar Buiten’ (‘Let’s go outside’) starts next month. In this project, we will use online / digital maps and other educational resources on tablets in the field. The…

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EGU Talk: Improving fieldwork with GIS

At EGU in Vienna, we presented the results of our project to introduce GIS to enhance our fieldwork in France. Students explore their research area with quantitative data (DEM) and…

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